Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Cherish the now, It's the Moments that Matter

by Cindy Pitts Gilbert Buford Weekly Illustrated July 13, 2016

Have we completely lost our minds. You can not turn on the news without hearing terrible tragedies: animals hurting children, adults hurting seniors, police being targeted and multiple serial murders. Over the last week, I've had an opportunity to reflect on the moments. We are so over exposed to what happens around the world. Gone are the days where we just hear about what happens in our own community. We are now inundated  with all the traumas, explosions, mass shootings all over our nation.
Last week, I had  good friend pass away unexpectedly, full of life and 5 years younger than me.  Social media keeps me in touch with friends around the world. Another friend's family now sits in hospice with a dying parent. It sounds so cliche', I know. Yet, what does that mean, Cherish the now?
Now is this very moment, no matter what you're thinking, stop and take a moment to breathe in deeply. Feel it in your lungs, count to 5 and release it. Take a couple more deep breaths. Enjoy the feeling it gives you. You are breathing. Becoming aware of your breath and letting go of all thoughts, gives you a chance to step away from the insanity that is this world and gives us a moment to reflect on the fact that we are alive, we are breathing and that is not a given. Do you worry about what has happened to you in the past? Do you keep your eye on the prize? Do you spend all of your precious time in a place that is no longer here or has yet to come?  
I would like to challenge you for one week to cherish the now. Be present because it is truly a gift. It is summer time. Go outside feel the sun, look around at your surroundings and cherish the moment. Enjoy family time. Let go of that person who cut you off in traffic, or that person who hurt you in the past; it is wasted energy. Stop worrying about how you are going to pay that bill or that you have so much to do. Cherish the moment.  
My friend had no warning; he was simply tired. He went home from work a place that he had built over time. I watched him start that business with no prospects and no hope of making a dime due to a crashed economy, and over the years, he built a great team and will truly be missed as a well respected member of our community. He truly had his eye on the prize. He sat down last week on his couch after a great day at the office, closed his eyes never to open them again.  
So I challenge each reader to take deep breath let go of the past. Stop thinking so intently about the future and concentrate on this moment. Do your best in each moment even if you don't love what you are doing. I'm not saying you shouldn't prepare for the future or work hard for it.  Just remember to be in each moment as you make plans and stop dwelling on the future so much that you miss the now.  You are here and if you don't cherish each moment it will too become an instant part of your past. The future never ever gets here.  All we have is now.
I often tell my husband that it's all about the memories.  I plan to be really old and as my husband and I rock together in that chair on the porch. I want to have a full life to reflect on.  I want to know that whether I make it to that rocker or not that I cherished the now, each moment as it happens.  The time with my children and grandchildren while they are with me.  The laughter with friends and family while we are together.  The flowers and trees from my patio. The work I do each moment which is why at this time of my life I am doing what I love.   

Challenge yourself to be present in the now.  I think you will find that you are more productive in the now. You will smile more in the now and will have an unlimited number of  memories from the now in your own rocker on the porch.   

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