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Survivor or Walker, Who will you be?

By Cindy Pitts Gilbert  Buford Weekly Illustrated April 6, 2016
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AMC's series The Walking dead is the number one show on television.  It's so popular that if you happen, heaven forbid to miss an episode you hold your hands over your ears close your eyes and press the scroll button on Facebook, No spoiler alerts please.  Everyone has that friend who gets a sadistic satisfaction out of being a "Spoiler"  At our house it happened entirely by accident.  I can't believe Carl got shot in the eye, What? "Carl got shot in the eye." Oops, I forgot my husband had dosed off that week.   We actually make this a family time watching it all together every Sunday evening. We got hooked season 2 fortunately, they are terrific about playing out entire seasons before the next season so we now have bragging rights that we've seen the entire show from the beginning.   There is something so real about the totally unrealistic possibility of a virus that kills the host and then brings the body back to life to eat the rest of us.  Why is it that so many of us are obsessed with this alternate reality?   Is it that survival instinct of the human race?   I do find myself wondering from time to time, what would I do?  How would my family survive?  How would we be among those bravest of the brave and wisest of the wise?   I am not really talking about surviving a zombie apocalypse.  Yet, there are emergencies everyday for people in all walks of life.  Atlanta, Snowpocalypse 2014 stranded hundreds of commuters on the Interstate, I had a relative walk miles down the road to sleep in a semi only to walk back the next day to try to get home.  Babies were locked in car seats for hours with no food, students spent the night at their school unable to get to their families and on buses and families were locked in their homes for days.  We were a community completely unprepared.   So, would I be a part of the elite walking dead survivors?  Would you?   I do realize this pondering makes me a nerd, don't judge. 

My husband and I have a little garden in the yard that seems to gets bigger every year.  We now know how to compost, grow herbs and veggies but, would that be enough?  I'd  have access have to all the books in the library.  I love to read and well where else are we going to get any knowledge once we feel the loss of the almighty Google of knowledge. Fire is a must. Matches we must have all the matches.  What would you need to survive any type of real long term emergency.   I decided to compile a list for all of us who weren't boy or girl scouts and don't have a degree in survival skills.   Top Ten Lists are always popular, my favorite number is thirteen so get your back pack and here we go:

1.Non Perishable Food

2.A radio with extra batteries or better yet one of those wind up or solar radios

3.Propane, Matches, Firewood

4.First Aid Kit

5.Flash Light with extra batteries

6.Heavy Duty Tarp to catch rain water insulates room for warmth

7.Bowie Knife

8.Hiking boots and spare socks w/ 3 days worth change of clothes


10.Pepper Spray

11.Sleeping bags

12.Personal Hygiene Items

13.Bottled Water or Gallons of water 

From Georgia's unpredictable tornado season to  the zombie apocalypse or whatever is next, it never hurts to have a plan.  I don't know about you but, what I'm not ready for is the six months of waiting to find out what beloved cast member they took from us this time.
Cindy Pitts Gilbert is a Columnist and Reporter  for Buford Weekly Illustrated and Blog. She is also the Director of Training for Know It Training in Lawrenceville, GA. She is also available for speaking engagements.

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